How can you help?

There are so many options! If you think you know of a place where the forests are very old, consider becoming a citizen scientist and measuring the stand of interest with our Old Forest Scoring App. You may need to connect with MTRI for training and for a loan of forestry equipment. Once you know something about your forest stand, you may be in a better position to understand its unique features and what old forest elements need restoration, if any.

For old forests on private land, you may find Jamie Simpson's book 'Restoring the Acadian Forest' useful for restoring old forest features. If the stand is already relatively old and you would like to discuss an easement or a gift to a land trust, contact the Nature Conservancy of Canada, the Island Nature Trust (PEI), the New Brunswick Nature Trust, or the Nova Scotia Nature Trust.

For old forests on public land, including protected area or in working forests, the options vary by province. In Nova Scotia, groups like the Canadian Parks and Wilderness Society as well as the Ecology Action Centre are looking for volunteers to help champion new areas for protection and to keep an eye on areas already afforded some legislative protection. In New Brunswick, the Conservation Council of NB would appreciate some help with their Acadian Forest Campaign. In PEI, you can visit the MacPhail Woods for a guided walk and tour of their native plant arboretum. Take the first step: get involved!