Mersey Tobeatic Research Institute (MTRI) : Institut de recherche du Mersey Tobeatic


MTRI is a non-profit co-operative with a mandate to promote sustainable use of natural resources and biodiversity conservation in the Southwest Nova Biosphere Reserve and beyond through research, education, and the operation of a field station.

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News & Events
March 26th at 11am at Kejimkujik's Visit... more »
2017 Central Woodlands Conference
Saturday, March 25th Maple Ridge Elemen... more »
Nova Scotia Woodlot Owners and Operators Association AGM
Saturday, April 8 For more info visit ... more »
Medway Community Forest Co-operative AGM
Saturday, April 22nd North Queens Busin... more »
Western Woodlot Management Mentorship Field Days!
Saturday, April 29th: With Kevin Veinott... more »
Mentorship field day at Otter Ponds
Saturday, May 13th Roads and bridges. ... more »
Mentorship field day in Sydney
Saturday, June 10th Working with fores... more »

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Backyard Biodiversity

Backyard Biodiversity

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Here are a few videos that we have created, or that relate to the activities taking place here at MTRI. Just click on the link to watch or check out our YouTube channel!



MTRI Tour: Here's a video that takes you on a tour through the MTRI facility, introduces you to a few of its staff and volunteers, and gives you a look into what research and living at the station is like!



MTRI French presentation:

Blanding's turtle research:

Canadian Wildlife Federation:

Chimney Swifts Entering Roost at McGowan Lake:

Landbird Species at Risk-

Calls of the Olive Sided Flycatcher:

Calls of the Rusty Blackbird:

Monarch Butterfly Chrysalis Formation:

Monarch Butterfly Emerging from Chrysalis: