Mersey Tobeatic Research Institute (MTRI)

Elaptoq – a land-based learning program

Philip Prendergast1 and Scott Jermey2

1 North Queens Community School, Caledonia, NS

2 Acadia First Nation, Wildcat, NS

The land-based learning program at North Queens Community School focuses on creating opportunities for students to connect to the land. The land is a provider; it provides knowledge and sustenance, and if opportunities are created to connect to the land, we can better understand the reciprocal relationship that exists in nature. By understanding how species are interconnected, we can then develop a sense of stewardship and responsibility to maintain a natural balance. The program was initiated in 2018, and to date, over 100 students have taken part in activities.  Through collaboration with community partner organizations, land-based learning students engage in ecology-focused activities that take them on the land across North Queens while learning about the natural world and indigenous perspectives.  The program focuses on developing a sense of place and community by highlighting key ecological characteristics across the region.  Land based learning also contributes to a sense of belonging and self-identity as it instills respect for their natural surroundings, empowers students to become advocates for the environment and allows students to connect through common interests.  

Keywords:  Youth, Learning, Land-based, Environmental.

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