If you would like to learn more about old forests, here is a good place to start!
There have been many books, reports, magazine articles, and videos produced about old growth forests around the world but only a few about our old-growth Acadian forests in eastern Canada - Wapane'kati. Please let us know if you have other resources that we can list on this website.


Eastern Old-Growth Forests: Prospects for rediscovery and recovery. 1996. Mary Byrd David (editor). Island Press. 399pp.

Forest Management Guidelines to Protect Native Biodiversity in the Greater Fundy Ecosystem: Matthew Betts, and Graham Forbes. New Brunswick Co-operative Fish and Wildlife Research Unit, University of New Brunswick, 2005. 110 pp.

Journeys through Eastern Old-Growth Forests: 2014. Jamie Simpson. Nimbus. 176 pp.

Restoring the Acadian Forest. Second edition. 2015. Jamie Simpson. Nimbus. 184 pp.


NSNT Fact Sheet on the State of Old Growth Forests in Nova Scotia

A walk in the woods: Acadian old-growth forests

The Acadian Forest


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Experience an Old Growth Forest, Jenna Martin-Evans

Ayers Lake Old Growth Acadian Forest, New Brunswick

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Photo Gallery: Nick Hawkins, Conservation Photographer

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