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MTRI is a non-profit co-operative with a mandate to promote sustainable use of natural resources and biodiversity conservation in the Southwest Nova Biosphere Reserve and beyond through research, education, and the operation of a field station.

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Backyard Biodiversity

Backyard Biodiversity

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Our dedicated employees collaborate on a multitude of projects, including landscape connectivity, aquatic and forest health and species at risk to name just a few. Each member has their specialty, and all bring a variety of assets to the team. Click on a name to read their bio, give us a call to have a chat, or drop on by MTRI to see what we're up to!


Current Staff 

Amanda Lavers - Executive Director

Amy Berry - Researcher

Amy Buckland-Nicks - Green Tech Intern

Brad Toms - Wildlife Biologist and Partnership Coordinator

Carter Feltham - Research Assistant

Chris Pepper - Lichen Researcher

Colin Gray - Field Researcher 

James Neish - Field Researcher

Jane Barker - Community Outreach Coordinator

Jason Headley - Research Assistant

Jeffie McNeil - Project Administrator

Lesley Farrow - Forest Researcher

Lori Phinney - Research Assistant

Mallory Heim - Research Assistant

Tarissa Holmes -Forest Health Intern/Field ecologist

Tom Neily - Botanist & Lichenologist

Wesley Pitts - Education and Outreach Coordinator

Wendy Whynot - Office Manager


Past Employees

Alain Belliveau - Ecosystems Researcher

Alicia Pray-Leslie - Field Research Assistant

Ashley Noto - Community Outreach Officer

Benna Keoghoe - Forest Stewardship Coordinator

Brennan Caverhill - Stewardship Biologist

Crystal Doggett - Conservation and Communication Coordinator

Danielle Pernette - Research Intern

Diane LaRue - Botany, Landscaping

Elizabeth Walsh - Forest Stewardship Coordinator

Forest Underwood - NSYCC Intern 

Hannah Blanchard - Research Assistant

Jennifer McRuer - Research and Community Outreach Assistant

Jeremy Peck - Loon Researcher

Jesse Saroli - Green Technologies Coordinator and Ribbonsnake Researcher 

Jessica Bryk - Loon Researcher

Jillian Barteaux - Aquatic Health Program Coordinator

John Kinley - Research and Outreach Assistant 

Josie Todd - Outreach Officer

Katie Nickerson - Forest Researcher

Kirsten Campbell - Forest Research Assistant 

Kyle Hicks - Aquatic Health Researcher

Kyle Rowter - Forest Researcher

Laura Achenbach - Land Bird Species at Risk Researcher

Leah Veinot - Community Outreach Officer

Lindsey Beals - Aquatic Health Researcher

Megan Boucher - Research Assistant

Meredith Brison-Brown - Field Research Assistant

Paul Hebert - Research Assistant

Pierre Martel - Aquatic Health Researcher

Rachel Thibodeau - Wildlife Researcher 

Rhianna More - Backyard Biodiversity Team NSYCC

Richard Martin - Backyard Biodiversity Team NSYCC

Sarah Adams - Field Research Assistant

Shaun Allain - EMPOWER! Youth Engagement Coordinator

Tommy Lutz - Forest Stewardship Intern

Travis Landry - Freshwater Recovery Intern

Wesley Pitts - Freshwater Recovery Intern




















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