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MTRI is a non-profit co-operative with a mandate to promote sustainable use of natural resources and biodiversity conservation in the Southwest Nova Biosphere Reserve and beyond through research, education, and the operation of a field station.

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Backyard Biodiversity

Backyard Biodiversity

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Old Growth Forest Video

Old forests are an integral component of our cultures and our legacy to future generations. They are vital for people who use them for sustenance or recreation and also to our forest's ecosystem and biodiversity because of the habitat they provide for wildlife. They are valued for their beauty and spiritual links. Old forests also provide unique ecosystem functions unparalleled in earlier succession forests that scientists are just beginning to document such as carbon sequestration, moisture retention, genetic diversity, and resilience to climate change and disease.

If you think you know of a place where the forests are very old, consider becoming a citizen scientist and measuring the stand of interest with our Old Forest Scoring App. For more information visit

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 Bat Donations Needed 

Since 2011, bat populations have declined by over 90%, and are now listed as endangered!  One of the biggest threats to bat populations is White Nose Syndrome, a disease caused by an invasive fungus.  This fungus causes bats to rouse early during hibernation, which results in starvation and dehydration.

MTRI is looking for donations in order to fund bat conservation research and monitoring in Nova Scotia. Donations can be made by e-transfer to, mailing a donation to the MTRI field station, or using Paypal on the right side of this page.

Any donations are greatly appreciated, no matter how much you give! We hope you will help keep these flying mammals away from the brink of extinction.

We're fundraising for our bat acoustic monitoring and stewardship project.  Any and all amounts will help us and our partners conduct one of the first pre and post White Nose Syndrome acoustic monitoring studies.  We will also be working with landowners that have large concentrations of bats on their property to help keep them safe while the population recovers from Whtie Nose Syndrome.




Milkweed Seeds Wanted

Do you have a butterfly garden, and are wondering what to do with all those seeds your milkweed plants are producing?  A great thing to do is to give them to your friends and family so that they can plant them to create more habitat for the monarch butterflies!  However, if you have any extras, we would appreciate them being mailed to us so that we can plant them next spring.  Please mail any unwanted seeds to us and we will help distribute them!




Video featuring quad-copter views of MTRI's rooftop and some fantastic blackflies



You can learn more about MTRI`s Butterfly Club by listening to this CBC Information Morning interview with Leah Veinot. 

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