Get Involved - MTRI Membership


  • Any person or organization may apply for membership to the MTRI co-operative. There is no membership fee. The term for MTRI membership is five years.
  • Members will be invited to annual general meetings where they will each have a vote
  • Members may hold any office to which they are elected or appointed on MTRI's board of directors
  • Members may apply to use co-op equipment (e.g. GPS, safety equipment) for research and monitoring
  • Members may apply to rent indoor and outdoor accommodations at the field station
  • Members will have the option of being included on a mailing list and be provided information about research and monitoring results, education and communication activities
  • Members will be invited to meetings and workshops to set research and monitoring priorities
  • Members will be invited to social activities
  • The co-operative will provide members with information about safety, orientation, Leave No Trace principles, and other topics of interest.
  • Applications are submitted to MTRI's Board of Directors who retain the right to refuse membership.


  • Any member may become a partner of MTRI. Applications will be submitted to the Board of Directors. There is no partnership fee. The term for MTRI partnership is two years.
  • Partners will be involved in MTRI research, monitoring, and education projects and may receive remuneration for their projects by contractual agreements
  • Partners may sit on a committee of MTRI
  • Partners may submit project proposals which contribute to the co-operative's strategic objectives; projects are subject to an administration fee of 10%
  • MTRI will communicate the research and monitoring results of its partners to land managers and provide a venue for communication and education on its website, at public events, and through the media
  • Partners may use the MTRI logo with permission of MTRI's Board of Directors
  • The Board of Directors has the right to refuse partnership to any person or organization.