Staff Bio for Cindy Staicer

Cindy Staicer
Chair, Board of Directors

Cindy is retired Biology prof who continues to maintain a research lab at Dalhousie University. Her current project encourages the use of Beneficial Management Practices for Landbirds at Risk in working forests. Since 1996, Dr. Staicer and her students have conducted research on forest bird populations and habitat in Nova Scotia. Major field projects include developing the forest bird monitoring program for Kejimkujik NP, quantifying forest bird-habitat associations in the Medway and in the Liscomb Game Sanctuary, and investigating the role of riparian buffers in forest bird conservation. Since 2010, she and her students have focused their efforts on the conservation of landbird Species At Risk, conducting surveys and research, developing habitat distribution models, and engaging in stewardship activities. Her Landbirds at Risk Program, Workshop and Website were developed in collaboration with MTRI. As past chair and current member of MTRI’s Research, Monitoring, and Management Committee, Cindy helped organize the 2012, 2013, 2014, 2019, and 2021 Annual Science Conferences for MTRI.